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Describe mercurial VCS root parameters
author Dmitry Neverov <>
date Thu, 09 Jun 2016 16:57:06 +0200
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<dsl-extension type="vcs" name="mercurial" generateDslJar="true">
  <vcs-root-class name="HgVcsRoot"/>
    <param name="repositoryPath" dslName="url"/>
    <param name="branchName" dslName="branch"/>
    <param name="teamcity:branchSpec" dslName="branchSpec"/>
    <param name="useTagsAsBranches" type="boolean"/>
    <param name="detectSubrepoChanges" type="boolean"/>
    <param name="tagUsername" dslName="userForTags"/>
    <param name="uncompressedTransfer" type="boolean"/>
    <param name="hgCommandPath" dslName="hgPath"/>
    <param name="customHgConfig"/>
    <param name="username" dslName="userName"/>
    <param name="secure:password" dslName="password"/>
    <param name="purgePolicy" type="PurgePolicy"/>
    <param name="useSharedMirrors" dslName="useMirrors" type="boolean"/>
    <enum name="PurgePolicy">
      <option name="DONT_RUN"/>
      <option name="PURGE_UNKNOWN"/>
      <option name="PURGE_ALL"/>