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TW-70509 prohibit creating VCS root with either repo name or branch name containing suspicicios options (grafted from 04407dc0f4967d24d53fe2a983afa4d11531684b)
author victory.bedrosova
date Thu, 11 Mar 2021 15:32:03 +0100
parents f2666e817701
line wrap: on
line source
r1 history:
5:d64d9799c143 Recursive subrepos                           <- subrepository r2 = ../r3 (514c3e09cddf)
4:09c256b6163e Subrepo update                               <- subrepository r2 = ../r3 (ebb884b1b691)
3:d350e7209906 Add different subrepository in the same path <- subrepository r2 = ../r3 (9e4a2fef1a1c)
2:4d7b3db8779f Remove subrepository                         <- subrepository removed
1:34017377d9c3 Add subrepository                            <- subrepository r2 = ../r2 (916933c1dd8e)
0:e4eced2b7381 Initial commit

r2 history:
2:ac0003deae69 three
1:29053b4b29ce two
0:916933c1dd8e Initial commit

r3 history:
4:514c3e09cddf Upgrade subrepo                              <- subrepository r2 = ../r2 (ac0003deae69)
3:1f9eb39a3921 Add subrepo                                  <- subrepository r2 = ../r2 (916933c1dd8e)
2:ebb884b1b691 two
1:f41168ce47b7 one
0:9e4a2fef1a1c Initial commit

http subrepos:

2:3d6694af00e4 third 
1:a2d737193093 second 
0:2516e4a826e8 initial commit

2:7de2f844e1a2 Register subrepo r1 -> r1:1
1:f54386da1b42 add .hgsub
0:97bef7492664 initial

3:999fb1eb9735 Update subrepos -> r1:2, r2:2
2:e1dc5eeb1bec register subrepos -> r1:1, r2:1
1:94b99ee983ed add .hgsub
0:44c53c0ea688 initial