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Don't build a clean patch if incremental patch fails Before building a clean patch the unmapped '' path was removed. As a result if build has several root we lost all sources of all roots where patch was already built. Instead of removing a mapped root path, throw a error immediately. If there will be some common errors in which we should recover inside hg-plugin by building a clean patch, we will add such a logic later.
author Dmitry Neverov <>
date Wed, 02 Jul 2014 18:39:37 +0200
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9e60b6d1e5fd8ed9a0c4b9582facc727a16bdcdb build-snapshot-124
b454327bcb66c35f17ae171a794d540768fc32b4 build-snapshot-125
0b54319af42cd1e74c1a658d61ecf1c3e6fc91a1 build-snapshot-126
3a41cf31c90e299237fb1258f9ab363e7e0f9454 build-snapshot-127
9c29eab7a27c80045948efb1cc094b96b4d82ea5 build-snapshot-128
45a4b3169272f8d21ff802b25a28e16b46177d26 build-snapshot-129
ff587c27a2d07607242cc02919c3db8cd4808ca2 build-snapshot-130
9a52e7a891ce7bbb0f5df0f94483f1636359e73d build-snapshot-131
df6ed5ed6c105ba2c65a3df1e3dc556f7882681b build-snapshot-133
9998e944a4f2b19d10621d06c230144c5a68204b build-snapshot-134