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Test for agent-side checkout with updated subrepository url
author Dmitry Neverov <>
date Thu, 08 Sep 2011 18:32:27 +0400
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r1 history:
3:d350e7209906 Add different subrepository in the same path <- subrepository r2 = ../r3 (9e4a2fef1a1c)
2:4d7b3db8779f Remove subrepository                         <- subrepository removed
1:34017377d9c3 Add subrepository                            <- subrepository r2 = ../r2 (916933c1dd8e)
0:e4eced2b7381 Initial commit

r2 history:
0:916933c1dd8e Initial commit

r3 history:
0:9e4a2fef1a1c Initial commit