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Maven dependencies added to the project
author Vladimir I <>
date Thu, 14 Sep 2023 17:09:37 +0200
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<component name="InspectionProjectProfileManager">
    <option name="PROJECT_PROFILE" value="Project Default" />
    <option name="USE_PROJECT_PROFILE" value="true" />
    <version value="1.0" />
    <list size="6">
      <item index="0" class="java.lang.String" itemvalue="TYPO" />
      <item index="1" class="java.lang.String" itemvalue="WEAK WARNING" />
      <item index="2" class="java.lang.String" itemvalue="INFO" />
      <item index="3" class="java.lang.String" itemvalue="WARNING" />
      <item index="4" class="java.lang.String" itemvalue="ERROR" />
      <item index="5" class="java.lang.String" itemvalue="SERVER PROBLEM" />